Monday, July 24, 2023

Pasencia Reserva Original, a Hoppy Beer, and a Lost Glass

It's been a rough few months here for our drinkware.  I mentioned previously dropping one of my favorite coffee mugs. Now, a classic beer glass has met its demise, and not without collateral damage.

I had enjoyed a sunny afternoon with a Sierra Nevada Celebration, one from 2020 that had been hiding in the back of the beer fridge. This annual winter release is always anticipated for its fresh hop goodness. They usually don't last long here, but at least the bottle ensured it retained most of its flavor.

The cigar smoked was Plasencia Reserva Original. Being a Nicaraguan puro, (a blend I have been gravitating to of late) I get the expected mash of espresso, cedar, pepper, and dark cherry notes, all softened with some sweet bread. The cigar is medium bodied, but richly flavored. 

I had some trepidation how the cigar and beer would match up, but surprisingly the flavors melded well. This cigar is something one could enjoy in the morning with coffee, or with an after dinner bourbon. And, obviously, a hoppy beer. 

The glassware I used was a promotional glass I had picked up years ago at some "Steal the Glass"event at a local pub. With an easy to hold shape, and embossed with the brewery name on one side, and the Celebration on the other, it makes fun glass to use with a fun beer. (And for added bling in the Instagram shot.) Alas, as I was washing the glass the next day, as I place my hand and sponge into the glass, it shattered. Granted the glass was at least a decade old, but I am always careful to not forcibly shove my hand inside.

The glass was one of a pair, and we've accumulated hundreds of logo glasses over the years, so only a sentimental loss. The sharp edge did make a pretty significant slice on my hand. Actually more of a filet than deep cut. I'll spare you photo of the wound or bloody sink. 

I needed another drink after this.


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