Thursday, May 25, 2023

It Was a Good Coffee Mug

On a recent afternoon I enjoyed time on the deck with a cigar, a book, and a cup of black coffee. Most of my cigar smoking is accompanied by a good bourbon or beer. While not always perfect, these beverages as a general rule pair well. Yes, water does always, but where's the fun in that? Frankly, I don't find too many cigars that find a good match with black coffee. Creamy "dessert" style coffees are a different matter, but I rarely drink them, and even less frequently make them at home

The afternoon's selection was an Oliva Serie V Melanio. This box pressed robusta is one that I enjoy frequently with a cup of coffee. The cigar produces creamy notes of chocolate, coffee, a subtle earthiness, all with just a hint of spice. I enjoyed the smoke and french press brewed coffee while starting the classic read. In a bit I went to pick up my empty much to fetch a refill when it slipped from my hands, breaking into several pieces. 

This is a coffee mug I've had for many years. The writing was starting to fade, but it felt good in the hand. It will be missed. However, coffee mugs seem to accumulate over the years, so there are plenty more waiting in the wings.


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