Tuesday, May 23, 2023

An Old Fashioned Sunday Afternoon

I prefer my bourbon neat. However I do put together the occasional cocktail, especially when my wife wants to join me. After several days and evenings with very busy, and late, schedules we looked forward to a relaxing Sunday afternoon. The Virginia weather cooperated with those desires. 

If I do say so myself, I make a decent Old Fashioned. I've tuned in the bitters to suit our tastes and typically use Rye instead of Bourbon. However, recently I've been making a few using a packaged cocktail syrup. One of the places we like to visit when we're in the Blacksburg area is the J.H. Bards Spirit Company. I enjoy their offerings, especially the Rye. They make a mean smoked old fashioned using their Virginia Rye and their in-house Blackstrap Old Fashioned syrup. We picked up a bottle of the syrup last visit, and I used their Toasted High Rye Whiskey for the drinks we enjoyed. Yes, more than one.

The drink was worthy of a fine cigar. My selection was the Sixty by Rocky Patel, one of my favorite blends. This is a box-pressed 6 1/2 x 52 Toro is a medium to full bodied stick. The notes of espresso, caramel, and pepper were complimentary to the sweetened of the drink.

This pleasant afternoon also served to point out that I have no more Rocky Patel Sixty's nor BackStrap mix on hand. Of course, both situations are easily correctable.


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