Thursday, May 25, 2023

VA ABC Ineptitude - Update

I first mused about the shenanigans or incompetence, take your pick, at the Virginia ABC here. Now it seems VA ABC is also quite adept at digging itself into a hole. On May 23, this was posted on the Virginia ABC Twitter feed.

Their tweet referenced the April 2022 lottery that was mentioned in my previous post regarding a drawing when all the winners had last names starting with the letter A, or the entrant has inserted a space before their last name.

The social media claim they reference originated due to data provided by VA ABC itself in response to a FOIA request from a concerned citizen. When the winner list oddness become public, VA ABC posted the "Oops, our bad" response. They try to make the case the first list they provided was incorrect, and they've now generated an accurate response to the FOIA request. Essentially, they released false data that made them look incompetent, and are hoping to mitigate the criticism by saying they were incompetent in responding instead.

I couldn't make this stuff up.


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