Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Afternoon Tea and Jose Dominquez Signature Series Gigante

After some chores around the house I grabbed some time on the deck with a cigar and a book. There was a breeze cooling the air, but intermittent cloud cover allowed occasional access to the sun's heat. I decided to try out the Jose Dominquez Signature Series Gigante that had been sitting in my humidor since last August when it arrived as part of the monthly Luxury Cigar Club package.

The monterous 6 x 60 stick features an Honduran Connecticut, a Sumatran binder, with Dominican and USA Broadleaf fillers. The large size and Connecticut wrapper, both features are outside my favored preferences, led the cigar to sit for the last eight months. I combined the cigar with a cold tea. 

The Jose Dominquez Signature Series Gigante was a little more flavorful than its appearance would hint. The is a distinctive honey aspect, along with earth, leather, and cedar. As is not unusual with large ring gauge cigars, the draw was very open and airy, which in my opinion inhibits the flavors. The cigar still hovered around the medium bodied level.

The wrapper on this particular cigar, while smooth overall, exhibited some rough veining remnants. The one pictured above had a "Frankenstein" semblance. 

I enjoyed the Jose Dominquez Signature Series Gigante more than I expected I would. It went well with the mildly sweet and lemon iced tea. 


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