Monday, November 24, 2008

Brewpub Kid Cups

There was a recent thread on DC-Beer discussing kid-friendly pubs in Maryland. I thought it was an interesting topic. For beer to become more mainstream, it needs to foster a family-friendly image as part of the change in common perceptions. The other day I grabbed a plastic cup from the kitchen cabinet and noticed it was from Outer Banks Brewing in North Carolina. The cup was collected during a family dinner at the brewpub this summer, when our son enjoyed a lemonade while Colleen and I sampled the house beers. We actually have another cup from the same brewpub. That one is from a few years back, before Outer Banks Brewing put up its windmill.

Granted, this brewery is located in a beach town, so plastic cups are handy for other purposes. In this particular case, it might not technically qualify as a kid-cup. However, if any pub goes to the expense of printing cups for kid drinks, it's probably a good indication of family-friendliness. What do you think?


  1. I think that any time an establishment in which their primary function is to serve adults makes a conscious effort to include children is doing the right thing. Good for them.

  2. I'm an expert on kid-friendly brewpubs and beer destinations (this is why I have a 3-year-old who asks, 'Mommy, is that hoppy or malty?'). We are lucky to have quite a few here in the Philly area (especially Teresa's Next Door or TJ's) and in the DC area we make a beeline for Rustico.

    Good places understand that your average beer-loving parent is going to bring their kid fairly early if it's dinner and make sure they aren't disrupting anyone - and that the kids should, in turn, get good service (and real food).

    Almost all of the places we usually go do have a cup for the little people - or understand that a generic plastic cup with a lid is what they need without the parents having to ask for it specially.

  3. I'm not sure that I've been to a brewpub that didn't have a kids menu.

  4. You know I wouldn't just say brewpubs but tap/ale houses. A good example is Capital Ale House. Yes, they all have the same menu but if you actually get a chance to get to them all I guarantee that you will find the Midlothian location is probably the most family friendly one. I think the Fredericksburg location also is up there. Tell me kids we are going to Capital Ale House and they go nuts...of course, I do too what with all the great beer. However, I'll be honest I don't recall how or what is printed on their kid cups.


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