Friday, November 7, 2008

The Session #21: Favorite Beer

The 21st installment of The Session is hosted by A World of Brews. The topic chosen chosen by Matt is "What is your favorite Beer and Why?" I had to think long and hard about this question. I've never been able to answer that when asked. Despite our host's admonition that everyone does indeed have a favorite beer I couldn't pick one.

What I will do is talk about a couple of beers that I buy in quantity over other beers. Believe it or not, I rarely buy more than a 6-pack of a particular beer at a time. While I may purchase large quantities of a particular beer through repeat purchases, I typically limit the quantity brought home at one time. At any given time, my beer fridge will be stuffed with 45-60 varieties of beer, so there's only room for so much. (And yes, I sometimes do what my parents forbade, I just stand there with the fridge door open pondering what to select.) Looking back at 2008, there were just a few times that I bought beer by the case. So, let's go with those as (some of) my favorite beers.

Early in the year, it was Tröegs Nugget Nectar. This hop explosion hidden in a amber ale is a Spring favorite. It might even be the beer that opened my eyes to hops. If not, it was at least one of the first really hoppy beers I tried. I anxiously await the early Spring when this one arrives on the shelves.

Jump forward a couple seasons, and we come to my favorite time of the year for beer, Winter. Just a few weeks ago I picked up another in-bulk beer. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout is a favorite that I reviewed late last year. There's little that can better warm up a cold evening like a snifter of this dark beer. Pair it with a dark chocolate dessert and it doesn't get much better. I remarked recently that Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout probably had the best aroma of any beer I've tried. When I'm enjoying it I have my nose to the glass as often as my lips.

Of course, those aren't the only beers that do get bought in bulk around here. Last Winter we were well-stocked with Sierra Nevada Celebration. While most brewers' Winter beers tend to be darker or even spiced, Celebration is a hop-lover's Winter treat. Another favorite Winter beer is Clipper City Winter Storm "Category 5" Ale. I typically reserve a few bottles to enjoy over the Summer. If "favorite beer" was defined by the number of times it gets mentioned on this blog, then this beer would likely win hands down. Both of the aforementioned beers have been released this season so I'll be picking them up, in quantity, soon.

So, my favorite beer? I still don't know. But I've developed quite a thirst just from the exercise of writing about these beers that get extra space in my refrigerator and cellar.

Update: Matt has posted the summary of all the Session posts.

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  1. You know I read your post and then went to World of Brews and read the Session there. I tend to disagree. I don't think one has to have a favorite. Personally, I enjoy many beers and many styles though I tend to go for higher ABV and hoppier beers, I never pass the opportunity to try something new and different. If I am forced to choose a beer then it typically is a Sam Adams but that usually is the case at the local bar where the big brewers are only available.


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