Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two Blue & Gray Seasonal Releases Available Now

Two much-anticipated seasonal releases from Fredericksburg's Blue & Gray Brewery are now available for pick up at the brewery.

Spiced Winter Ale combines holiday spices with a bit of hop bitterness. Spiced Winter Ale typically sells out pretty quickly. Don't be one of the disappointed fans at the door.

Temporary Insanity Stout is an easy-to-drink Russian Imperial Stout. It's a beer that I look forward to each year from Blue & Gray. I had a taste of this year's batch direct from the fermenter a couple of weeks ago and it was already drinking very nicely. I'll be filling a growler or two very soon.

See the Blue & Gray web site for brewery hours.


  1. Have you had an opportunity to try one of the Spiced Winter Ales? I picked up four bottles today from the brewery. I swear if you gave me this unlabeled I would have said this was a flemish sour. I am not sure if I got some infection going on. I wonder if you or anyone you know has had of this yet.

  2. I've not had this year's yet, but have had it in past years. What you are tasting doesn't sound right. I hope there isn't a problem. I'll hopefully pick some up later in the week.


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