Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dinner at Lee's Retreat

Well, it wasn't on Valentine's Day, but sometimes busy married people have to make adjustments. Our son was spending Friday evening with friends, so Colleen and I had a rare date night. She's been ribbing me that despite my frequent visits to Lee's Retreat, she's never gotten to go. (Is it my fault my office is near the brewery?) So, we decided we'd have an (early) Valentine's date at my favorite brew pub.

At the pub, finally
Our evening started off with a couple of pints of Falmouth Pale Ale and a Calamari appetizer. The calamari are marinated in coconut cream and condensed milk, floured and deep fried. They were tender and served with a spicy, and quite tasty, dipping sauce.

Next up was the main course. I selected the Cheddar & Jalapeño Burger. The burger was cooked just right, and the jalapeño slices were very spicy. At so many places the "spicy" burger combos are served with pathetic canned objects that resemble jalapeños only in being green. I appreciate spicy food and the Cheddar & Jalapeño Burger didn't let me down. Colleen opted for the Lamb Burger which she enjoyed very much. She mentioned that she might ask for a little feta cheese with it next time, but that she'd definitely order it again. We both were impressed by the ripe tomatoes and crisp lettuce that was served with our burgers.

Finally, what's a special dinner without dessert? We decided to share the Chocolate Stout Split. This is a platter-sized banana split, served with chocolate ice cream made using Blue & Gray Stonewall Stout. The ice cream was rich and thick. I could have had a bowl of the ice cream alone. I wonder if I could get a pint to go!

We took our time enjoying our meal. It's been awhile since the two of us really sat down for a meal together when we could linger and talk. The food was good but it was the company of my wife that made the evening special. I am sure we'll have another "date" at Lee's Retreat again. Soon.

Did I mention chocolate?


  1. See when you post some thing like this, it really makes me do the 1 hour drive up there for some food and beer.

  2. As you should my friend. As you should.


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