Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wolf Hills Fans Drive Expansion

Mac McLean writes in the Bristol Herald Courier regarding the expanded distribution from Wolf Hills Brewing in Abingdon, VA.
Machiavelli’s owner Justin Powers noticed something unique about the people who’d stop by his Fifth Street restaurant in downtown Bristol for a quick Thursday afternoon drink – they’d pick a driver, make a quick trip to Abingdon and come back with more beer.

“They would meet up here and then get their growlers filled,” Powers said, referring to the one-liter glass bottles that the Wolf Hills Brewing Company fills for its customers at the Abingdon-based microbrewery’s “Growler Hour” events.

What I found most interesting about the article was the story behind Machiavelli’s decision to carry Wolf Hills beers. Machiavelli’s owner was not contacted by the brewery or their distributor. The initial push came from fans of the brewery who were also patrons of the restaurant. And the rest, as they say, is history.

See Abingdon brewery on tap at local bars for the complete article.

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