Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flying Dog "Dog Chow Cookbook"

Flying Dog Brewery late last year released Dog Chow: Volume One, the first cookbook from the brewery. The 22 page, spiral-bound book contains 8 recipes, each featuring a different Flying Dog beer. Each recipe is accompanied by detailed directions and color photographs. The recipes were all developed by Flying Dog brewers, most of whom have culinary backgrounds. The book also contains descriptions of the beers in the Flying Dog lineup, as well as tips on cooking with beer. As is stated simply on the back cover, "This is a book about food and beer."

For our first recipe trial from the cookbook, Colleen selected Doggie Style Mac & Cheese. As is obvious from the name, this recipe features Flying Dog Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale. The bready, yeasty aroma as the sauce simmered hinted at the rich, layered flavors - so much more than cheese sauce! The dry mustard, onions, beer, heavy cream and milk makes for a sophisticated, but very approachable!, mac and cheese. We served this with pan-fried pork chops for a satisfying Winter comfort meal.

We have plans to try out some of the other recipes in the book, and will bring reports back soon.

Dog Chow: Volume One can be purchase for a mere $5 from the Flying Dog online merchandiser store.

Disclaimer: Flying Dog provided a complimentary copy of Dog Chow for me to review as I saw fit. The beer used in the recipe was purchased by me.

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