Monday, February 28, 2011

Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA

Okay, another Flying Dog beer review. I don't think I can be faulted for enjoying good beer, now can I? We recently picked up Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA to use in the Mac & Cheese recipe from the Dog Chow Cookbook. Snake Dog is not a new beer to me, rather it's one I've enjoyed many times in the past. I figured I'd give you a quick review of the beer ingredient as a followup to that recipe review.

Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA pours a bright amber color. The medium head hangs around as a thin layer with plenty of lacing left behind. A malty aroma is mixed with pine. The flavor is mix of grapefruit rind and piney bitterness. A long aftertaste of bitter citrus remains. I find this to be a well-balanced IPA.

The Mac & Cheese recipe only called for one bottle and I've thoroughly enjoyed putting the other five to good use.

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