Monday, March 5, 2012

2nd Amendment Affirmation

Simply put:
"A citizen may not be required to offer a ‘good and substantial reason’ why he should be permitted to exercise his rights. The right’s existence is all the reason he needs."
That's U.S. District Judge Benson Everett Legg slapping down Maryland's "may issue" concealed permit law as being unconstitutional. See the Second Amendment Foundation press release for more on this important case.

In another instance of freedom triumphing, just a few weeks ago the City of Chicago paid nearly $400,000 to the SAF as payment for the cost of fighting city’s illegal handgun ban in the Supreme Court of case McDonald vs. City of Chicago.

While so much attention is being paid these days to manufactured "rights," it's heartening to see our true rights, those that are God-given and affirmed in the Constitution, being defended.


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    1. Gives me a smile thinking about the antis getting their knickers in a twist over this one. :-)


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