Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday IDPA Match

I made it down to Black Creek this afternoon for another Wednesday IDPA match. This small match consisted of 48 rounds fired over two multi-string stages. The match announcement noted that, as opposed to last week, there were no strong or weak hand-only strings. I was initially a bit disappointed to hear that, believe it or not, since I've been practicing those skills. But no matter, the match offered up other important skill challenges. The focus this week was on transitions between targets and shooting on the move.

The first stage consisted of three targets downrange, engaged over a series of eight strings. First, from the box engage the target in tactical order with six shots total. The next string is simply 1 head shot in each. Then a string of one body and one head on each. Then repeat all three strings from the box on the other side. I managed to throw a few of the head shots which hurt my score. The final two strings were shot from kneeling behind the barrel, one string from each side.

The next stage was something entirely new to me. The target is on a wheeled platform, attached by a rope to the shooter's belt. At the signal, you must draw and put three shots on target while moving backwards and pulling the target along with you. After everyone in the group had shot, the set up is reversed, with the rope going around a barrel. This time as you step backwards, the target retreats from you, and again three shots on target are required. 

These weekday IDPA matches are a lot of fun, and serve as a great hump day diversion. Even though it's about an hour drive each way, my excuse this week was it's a birthday present to myself. The matches offer a fun way to test your skills, and get in some trigger time. This week I placed 4th out of 11 shooters in my division.

And I even made it home before dark to celebrate my birthday with my family. Colleen prepared a delicious a slow-cooked pork, served with corn bread and a salad. And Boston Cream Pie for dessert! Sadly, I ran out of energy, and room in my belly, before I could get to the beer I had selected. It is a "school night" after all. 


  1. I'm a noob to IDPA(haven't shot 1st match yet), just out of couriosity, what were the target distances of these stages? Thanks

    1. 12 yards max probably. In IDPA most of your targets are going to be 15 yards or less. 10 yards tops for strong-hand only. The mover started at 6ft or so and moved back.

  2. Thanks, it's kind of deceiving in the pics. That's about what I'm used to with cowboy action, just not the faster target transition,
    multiple target shots & scoring zones. I am however looking forward to my first match in april.

  3. I planned on hitting the one near here next month, but it's happening while we're out of town. I guess I will just have to set up a training class instead. I need to run some drills.


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