Saturday, March 10, 2012

How Early Is Too Early?

That's a rhetorical question of course. "Early" is simply looking at "late" from a different viewpoint.* While most folks don't regularly start their day off with a beer, it's certainly not unheard of. As I frequently tell people, beer is a food, so treat it as such.

A few years ago I shared my thoughts on a Christmas breakfast served with a Hefeweizen. According to this Washington Post article, golfers in Howard County, MD are looking for a fair shake in their breakfast choices.
On the golf course, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all golfers are created with the ability to sometimes hit the ball straight, that they are endowed by the ghosts of Bobby Jones with certain unalienable rights, such as the right to wear really bright shirts, take mulligans not infrequently, and pop beers on the first tee even if the sun isn’t all the way up.
These rights have existed as long as Sunday duffers have been hooking dimpled balls onto nearby roadways — which is a very long time — but in Howard County these rights have not, historically, been fully vested. That’s because the earliest time golfers are permitted to relieve their thirst with a Bud Light or a shot of Jose Cuervo is — gulp — 11 a.m.

A bill under consideration will allow the thirsty golfer to enjoy a beer or other alcoholic beverage starting at 6:30AM. The article doesn't say, but one would assume there would have be a cut-off time in place, else there'd be no need for the "resume" time.

* When we were on pilgrimage in Italy a few years ago, my son was found of saying, "It's not how late you go bed, it's how early you get up that matters."


  1. I've never understood the "appropriate time" idea. You could drink beer at 9 am and be fine, or refrain from drinking until after 6 pm and be a raging alcoholic.

  2. All this early reading is making me thirsty.

  3. Yeah, and the Blue Laws that come about from this type of thinking always leave me scratching my head.

  4. Next they'll want to regulate when we can eat fast food. Oh, wait. Never mind.


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