Saturday, March 24, 2012

Airport Lunch

Beautiful Märzen
I had to fly to Orlando for the weekend and I made it through the porn backscatter scanners with just a supplemental chest pat down. I forgot to remove the religious medals from around my neck, which created concern.

I had time to spare before my flight so I stopped for lunch at Gordon-Biersch in the Dulles Airport terminal. A tall glass of their Märzen was just the thing to take the edge off the inconvenience of airports and air travel. I firmly believe that much of the enjoyment of food is visual, and this beer did look good. The beer was a dark amber color with an attractive head. The aroma is caramel and slightly sweet. The Märzen's flavor is bready, slightly sweet, with a caramel finish. It sure went down smoothly and provided a good start to the trip.

Remember that excellent crab cake I wrote about last week? Unfortunately, the Gordon Biersch version stayed true to my experiences with most restaurant crab cake sandwiches. I had to bite into the sandwich to see the crab cake. It was in there, though barely detectable, both in size and flavor. I used my airport issued plastic fork to eat the crab cake off of the copious bread. But, I really was there for the beer anyway. And that was quite enjoyable.

Look carefully. It's there.


  1. Religious medals?

    Heck, if you had worn religious clothing... appropriate to the Muslim a burqa,...they would have ESCORTED you through.

  2. If I'm flying by myself, I usually try to hit a nice place and get a good brew. It helps your relax and, hey, I'm not driving the plane.

  3. Cargosquid, don't get me started. :-)

    45er, that it does, that it does.


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