Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flying Dog K-9 Winter Ale

Ok, my aversion to Winter is no secret. However one thing I do like is the appearance of the Winter beers. Not the spiced up ales, but it's the rich malty beers, and high ABVs, that I look forward to. Even though it's not officially Winter yet, around this time I start digging out the big Winter beers I saved from last year. I also start looking for this year's releases.

This sample bottle of Flying Dog K-9 Winter Ale is the first of this season's beers to be enjoyed here. Flying Dog's "Winter Warmer" recipe varies each year depending on ingredient availability. As I poured the bottle and saw the deep garnet color I smiled. That combined with the malty, caramel and dark fruit aromas, although faint, made me think "Strong Ale." That's a style I am very found of. The beige head quickly dropped to a thin ring. The flavor is toasted malt, with some nuttiness and dark fruit. There are also some underlying bitter grassy hop notes. The finish is slightly sweet and dry. There's a lingering finish that's not quite clean and a bit slick. The 7.4% ABV gives a bit of a warmth and is readily apparent.

There are Winter Warmers / Strong Ales out there that are higher in alcohol, with richer flavors. I found the version from Flying Dog to be on the milder side of the scale. That said, I enjoyed my glass of K-9 Winter Ale and am now more ready for Winter — the beers, not the cold.

FTC Notice: This beer was an unsolicited sample from the brewery, I drank and reviewed it of my own free will. No compensation was received for the review.

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