Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Irish Coffee. Good Anytime.

We typically enjoy our Irish Coffee as an after dinner treat. But after spending time in Ireland, I've started wondering, why limit it to the end of the day? While I enjoyed a few evening coffees during the trip, I found I shouldn't be so restrictive. It's good anytime.  :-)

The folks at the Kerry Bog Village had the fast Irish Coffee down to an art. We have our own method for a quick Irish Coffee, but when you're serving a crowd, it takes some advance preparation. They prep a stack of serving glasses with whiskey pre-loaded. The coffee, brown sugar and cream was added when you ordered. 

We picked up an Irish Coffee to enjoy while we toured the museum grounds during a morning visit. They may have been "mass produced" but the coffee was good enough to have another one, or two, before getting back on the bus. It was certainly an enjoyable start to the day.

Hey look, a man with a goat in a chair and a dog riding a donkey!

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