Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Green Peppercorn Tripel: A Gift From Mom

We first acquired our bottles of The Brewer's Art Green Peppercorn Tripel after the original bottling back in 2007. The bottles were a gift from my parents who ventured into Baltimore specifically to visit The Brewer's Art to get the beer for me. Colleen and I shared the last bottle in 2009 to wrote our post for The Session. At the time I remarked how I hoped to get more, but never got around to finding more.

When mom passed away in 2010 we found a bottle of the beer in my parents' fridge. Mom had never drank the one she kept; she was more of a "Budweiser over ice" gal. Dad let me take it home and it's been in my fridge ever since. Colleen and I decided to share it after our Thanksgiving dinner this year.

The beer has held up very well. (And the cork was as tight as in the previous bottles.) It poured a cloudy golden amber color and the frothy head was as effervescent as ever. The aroma is yeasty over a sweet maltiness. The flavor has lost some of the pepper spice I recall in the "younger bottles." The predominant flavor was sweet malt and bready yeast. The finish was especially drying. The beer was very smooth and the 9% ABV was masked and undetectable.

As with our previous bottles, Colleen and I enjoyed sharing this beer. It provided a relaxing and flavorful cap to our Thanksgiving celebration. That the beer was a gift from Mom made it even more special. Prost Mom!

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