Thursday, November 1, 2012

Potatoes. And More Potatoes.

The Irish and their love of the potato is legend. However I never really knew the extent of that affection until I spent 9 days eating on the Emerald Isle. Just about every meal included potatoes, usually prepared multiple ways. We were treated to large, multi-course dinners most evenings during the pilgrimage. Those meals generally included mashed potatoes served next to, or under, the featured meat. And a "veg" platter placed on the table inevitably included more potatoes, usually roasted or scalloped. Most sandwiches were served with crisps, that's potato chips to us Americans. And if you asked for chips with your sandwich (fries to us) you got both.

The meal pictured below was the bowl of Irish Stew I ordered for lunch after making the obligatory stop to kiss the Blarney Stone. The larger than expected bowl contained the expected beef, carrots and potatoes in a brown gravy. What was unexpected was the heaping side of mashed potatoes included right in the bowl!

The beer was An Brain Blasta from Dublin's Porterhouse Brewing Company. This Strong Ale was one of several Irish craft beers I was able to try out during our trip. The reddish brown beer had a rich roasted and caramel aroma. The taste was a mix of roasted malt and dark fruit with a smattering of crisp citrus. It was a fitting accompaniment to the hearty stew.

BTW, I love potatoes.


  1. I love finding the local brews… When I made it to Blarney I was unfortunately not well enough to climb (or eat). My wife did it though.

    We found some place in Nuremburg at the recommendation of a local, which served us a local rauchbier. That was one of our better scores abroad.

    1. Drink local is a good idea where ever you go!


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