Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ringing In The New Year

After enjoying some fun at the range with friends, it was time to ring in the New Year with my family. Our "ring" is typically more muffled than clanging, but certainly still enjoyable. I poured a couple of glasses of Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA for starters. I enjoyed this beer a few weeks ago at Capital Ale House and when we saw some bottles at the local grocery store this weekend, we decided it would be our New Year's Eve libation.

The beer pours a deep copper color with an strong white head. The citrus aroma of grapefruit is noticeable as soon as the cap comes off the bottle. The flavor is full-bodied and rich in citrus fruit mixed with pine resin. The sweet malt comes through at the end. The mouthfeel is thick with a clean finish. I enjoyed this bottled version just as much as the draft I had previously.

After we finished our beers, accompanied by some pickled herring and crackers, Colleen poured us a wee bit of Jameson Irish Whiskey. A quiet evening, but a fine celebration indeed.

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