Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This Beer Is For Sipping

After enjoying the Temporary Insanity Stout recently, I decided I also needed to pick up it's even more robust cousin, Minor Dementia. Blue & Gray Minor Dementia Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout is born from aging Temporary Insanity in oak bourbon barrels for 4 months. While Colleen and I were out this weekend, we stopped by the brewery to pick up a couple bottles, one of which we opened and enjoyed with our friend Checkered Flag.

The beer poured "thick" and dark. There's no head to speak of, just some large, clear bubbles at the edge. The aroma of espresso and dark bitter chocolate predominate, along with the sweet smell of alcohol. Tasting the beer invoked many exclamations of "Ooh!" and "Wow" and "Mmmm." There's a mixture of bitter chocolate, roasted espresso, dark fruit and molasses. Oh, did I mention there's alcohol? Minor Dementia checks in at 13% ABV and that sweet, bourbon flavor is well-presented. The mouthfeel was best described as "chewy.

We lingered over our glasses for quite some time, sniffing and tasting and enjoying the extremes presented by this unique beer. While not something I could drink every evening, or as quick thirst quencher, a little Minor Dementia can be just the thing to help one relax, and prepare for a good night's sleep.

More on the beer's namesake, William Minor, can be found in a previous post.

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