Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You Have A Duty...

... to protect yourself and your family.

Despite the shrills of the hoplophobes, Sheriff Clarke did not call for vigilantism or for people to take the law into their own hands. He merely reminded people that they have a responsibility and a duty to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Sadly, there are those who will refuse to take responsibility for their own safety, and even work to take away that natural right from others.


  1. I'm loving the backlash that's coming out now from law enforcement across the U.S..

    They're saying they won't enforce gun control laws they think are unconstitutional.

    Am I the only one who remembers we fought a war over this stuff just 150 years ago? Let's not do that again.

    1. I hear ya MSgt. People have short memories.


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