Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When the Balloon Goes Up! Affiliate

When the Balloon Goes Up! is one of the blogs I visit regularly. It's a good source of informative and interesting articles related to firearms and associated gear, both for self defense and competition. There is a new online store over there too, offering a variety of items for competition, self defense and general preparedness. From holsters to flashlights to knives to ear protection to first aid kits to waterproof note pads and everything in-between, the store's inventory is growing regularly.

This week I was invited to add Musings Over a Pint as a WTBGU! affiliate. That's why you'll see a new logo over in the right hand column. Clicking that logo, or the one in this post, will take you right to the store. Yes, I will get a small commission on any purchases generated from these links. By using the link you'll be supporting this blog, and helping out with that ever important ammo fund. And all at no extra cost to you! I will be most grateful for your support.

After you get your gear, be sure to stock up on ammo from Lucky Gunner too. If it's listed, it's in stock. Thanks!


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