Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Delivery Guy Knows

I often wonder what our UPS and FedEx delivery drivers think when they drop off cases of ammo. We tend to order in batches, so when deliveries come, they come in volume. Fortunately for us, our UPS driver has been a regular for many years. He likes our dog and usually stops to toss a stick around. He never says much, but has been known to yell "More bullets!" as he comes up the walk.

Recently the FedEx truck pulled up to the house and the driver honked the horn a few times. As I got to the door, he was on his way up the walk and said, "I've got two boxes of 'bullets' for you." As we walked to the truck he pointed to our garden and remarked "I like your Gnomes." I figured we were okay at that point. He then started telling me about the .22 pistol he received for Christmas.

I recall an incident a while back when an ammo order got "lost" on it's way to us. It turns out it had been delivered, with a damaged label, to the house across the street. The neighbor, who I had not yet met, had been in touch with the supplier to try and determine where the package was destined. He brought it over to me one day, opened. I sheepishly thanked him, and remarked about it being an odd way to meet. He replied, "It doesn't bother me. I'm FBI." Nope, that didn't make me feel any more at ease!


  1. Yeah, same thing here. I doubt there's any question what those heavy packages are.

    1. We're doing our part for the shipping business. Not to mention keeping the drivers in shape.

  2. +1. Talk to me when you have get “truck freight” delivery by semi on your residential street :-)
    Feeding a belt fed is a whole ‘nother ball of wax !


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