Thursday, August 29, 2013

Endless River Kölsch

If I'm not tracking down Maryland beers in North Caroline, I try to stick with local beers when visiting. Another new to me beer I tried out during our trip was Endless River Kölsch, from Mother Earth Brewing.

Endless River Kölsh-style Ale pours a clear straw-yellow color with a brilliant, pure white head. As with my Red Sky At Night I lost some of the foam to the strong winds blowing off the ocean. Despite the windy venue, I was still able to pick up the yeast and grain aromas of the beer. The flavor was light with a grainy, toasted bread flavor. There was a buttery biscuit aspect to the taste. The creamy mouthfeel leads into a dry finish, with a very mild bitterness left behind.

I enjoyed my glass of Endless River Kölsch, with some pita chips and humus. The salty chips complimented the flavors of the beer quite well. The moderately low 4.9% ABV made for a refreshing early afternoon beachfront snack.

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