Monday, August 26, 2013

O'Connor El Guapo IPA

O'Connor Brewing Company is located in Norfolk, VA but their beers haven't made it up our way yet. When I spied their display at a Tidewater grocery store, the El Guapo IPA was an impulse purchase. I've not had any beers from the brewery previously and figured the IPA would make a good end of day treat.

The beer pours a bright and clear copper red with a thick, persistent head. There's a sweet caramel and floral aroma. I found the flavor to favor the sweet malt, with the pine and citrus hops bringing up the rear. The finish is clean and bitter. El Guapo has a "juicy" aspect to it. I'm guessing it's the agave nectar used in the brewing. It reminded me of the mouthfeel of some fresh hopped beers, though less imposing.

I enjoyed my glass while relaxing late one evening after a long drive to the beach. Although I was not eating anything, I had the thought it would be great paired with some fish tacos heaped with fresh pico de gallo. Must be the Blue Agave nectar speaking.

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