Friday, August 2, 2013

Sunshine! Let's Shoot!

I had made plans with "Checkered Flag" to hit the range on Thursday afternoon, but those plans seemed to be in jeopardy when I awoke in the morning. A steady rain was falling, and the prediction was for it to continue all day. While neither of us mind shooting in some rain, the conditions didn't look favorable to outdoor activities.

As the morning and afternoon progressed, there were a few breaks in the rain, but checking the online weather sites, there was no prediction of an end today. We finally decided to tempt fate and head out during a break in the clouds. That turned out to be a good decision. Unlike a few weeks ago when the weather deteriorated before we got to shoot, this time the weather patterns took an unexpected turn for the better!

Clear skies moving in
We spent a few hours working on some fun practice drills; tight accurate shots, multiple target transitions, and running between shooting positions. By the time we were picking up brass, the sun was shining brightly, and the humidity was up. Just another day in Virginia — if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes, it'll change.

Since we had the place to ourselves, we then moved down to the shotgun range and spent a little time shooting clays off the target stands. I was pretty rusty with the shotgun and it took me a few turns to get back in tune. I'll definitely make an effort to practice with the shotgun more often.

It turned into a very pleasant day, despite the early prognostications. Of course, by the time we were relaxing afterwards with a good beer, the stormy weather, complete with hail, had returned. It's Virginia!

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