Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pope's Cream Cake and Saison

The other evening we were enjoying some Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night before dinner. Even though we stocked up on this beer last Summer, Colleen and I were discussing how it really fits as a good Spring beer. After dinner we enjoyed a family movie night, and Colleen announced we'd finish off the "Pope's Cream Cake."

Kremowka Papieska is a traditional Polish cream cake dessert that was much loved by Pope Saint John Paul II. Colleen made the dish in honor of the late Pope's Canonization, and it's quite tasty, even to us of Irish decent! When the dessert was served, I had the thought that another glass of Red Sky at Night Saison would be the perfect accompaniment. Really, it just wasn't an excuse to have another beer.

The mild sweetness of the Saison, combined with the malt and yeast flavors went along well with the creamy pastry treat. The beer is light bodied with a refreshing palate-cleansing carbonation. The pasty cream is mildly flavored and was not overwhelmed by the beer. The "traditional" pairing for a Saison is pungent cheese or spicy meats. However, cream-filled pastries work quite well too it seems.


  1. Dessert beers! I thought only porters and Russian Imperial Stouts would fit the category. Another great example of how effectively beer can be applied to any cultural meal or moment.

    1. Indeed. It's quite a versatile food.



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