Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two Local Breweries. And BBQ.

Sunday afternoon we headed up to the newly opened Wild Run Brewing Company, Stafford County's second craft brewery. Wild Run is an offshoot of Short's Branch Brewing Supply, which is located at the Aquia Pines Camp Resort.

We drove into the camping resort and found the camp store, and thought, "I guess this must be the place." Inside the home brew supply / camp supply store we found logo pint glasses on display and a couple of kegerators behind the register. Three beers were listed on the board; 0311 Pale Ale, Ed's Amber Ale, and Sterling Stout. Alas, the Stout was out and the lady running the camp store was unsure how to change the keg, but assured us the owner would be back shortly. We ordered samplers of the Pale Ale and Amber to try out.

Coincidentally, we ran into Sarah and Jeremy from BadWolf Brewing in Manassas. They were on the way to a nearby point of interest for some family outdoor time and stopped to visit. Colleen and I enjoyed a pleasant conversation on the deck with them before we all headed off to our next destinations.

Both of the beers were very enjoyable. The 0311 Pale Ale was moderately citrusy and a classic American Pale Ale. Likewise, the Ed's Amber Ale had a pleasing caramel malt base. We'll definitely plan to stop back and try out the Stout, and any other beers that Wild Run puts on. We were told that there are plans to add some additional parking and an outdoor patio for folks coming to enjoy the craft beers. Next time, I expect we'll stay longer.

Our next stop was Adventure Brewing. I first visited last Friday, and was looking forward to a return trip with Colleen, as I'd knew she'd enjoy the beers as well. The much lauded Grapefruit Wheat wasn't back yet so Colleen ordered a glass of the Stiletto Stout. I had read on the brewery's Facebook page that the Stout was just about gone, and indeed, there was but half a pint left. That partial glass emptied, Colleen ordered a glass of the Backpack Wheat. An experienced admirer of the style, she pronounced it "very good." I enjoyed a glass of the Expedition IPA, as a starter.

Backpack Wheat

By now, food was in order. It so happened that STEVE-O's BBQ, Burgers & BACON was outside serving up delicious food. I ordered a (huge) pulled pork sandwich with slaw while Colleen opted for a classic BLT. The sandwiches were delicious and just the thing to accompany the good beer. (Oh, the deep fried tator tots on the side were tasty too.) A Super Power Pale Ale was a fitting accompaniment for my lunch. (When you're visiting Adventure Brewing, be sure to ask about the story behind the naming of the Pale Ale.)

While we were visiting, we were treated to tour of the brewing operations, and a taste of Bookworm Brown, right out of the tank. This Brown Ale should be ready by next weekend. Brown Ales can often be somewhat on the boring side, but not so this one. It had a nice hoppiness to it and was quite enjoyable, even early. I'm predicting a return visit will be planned around the Brown Ale.

We had a very enjoyable afternoon partaking of local craft beer and food. There's a plethora of local brews and local food popping up in the area. I for one, am looking forward to lending my support!


  1. Dang, that last pic looks tasty. And me with several hours of work to go...

    1. More local, fresh beer! Can't beat it. We're going back this weekend for the Brown Ale. Cheers!


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