Friday, December 18, 2015

Don't Be A Willing Victim

In practical terms, this only applies to local folks, but I'm joining other enthusiasts and putting this offer out there. If you're an upstanding American and ready to take responsibility for your own safety, and that of your loved ones, I will devote the time necessary to help you get started safely.

If you aren't quite ready to shoot yet, we can just talk about first, over a beer even. Of course, going to the range and buying a gun are only the first steps. I'm not a professional trainer. I'm just a guy who believes strongly in the 2nd Amendment, who believes people should stand up against crime and thugs, AND who also simply enjoys shooting. So once our introductory work is done, I will connect you with the experts who will help you get more training and become well-informed on self defense laws and the responsibilities of living an armed lifestyle. (If you aren't willing to do that, you probably aren't serious about the decision.) 

In my opinion, anyone who can legally and responsibly carry a gun and doesn't has already surrendered to criminals and thugs. Don't do that. The first box of ammo is on me.


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