Saturday, December 19, 2015

Father and Son Range Time

Our son is home from college for a long Christmas break, and the fun times over the next month kicked off with an early morning visit to the range. It's been a while since we got to shoot together, so I was excited for this opportunity. It was a cold and breezy 30° as we set out our gear. At least we knew we'd be undisturbed as most "normal" people were probably home enjoying hot coffee still.

We started out on the pistol bay. Shoot a little bit, warm our hands, reload mags, warm our hands again, and shoot a little more. Despite not having been to the range in over a year, the kid shot quite well. I actually didn't put as many rounds down range as I had planned, as I was enjoying watching him shoot so much. After a while I handed him the brass bag and sent him off to pick up brass as I packed up the gear. No bending over for me this trip!

Despite the cold, we moved over to the rifle range for a bit. Neither of us had shot the AR in a long time. As expected, the boy was dead on with the rifle too. We didn't stay too long though. Even with a bit of sun peaking through the trees, it didn't help to warm things up at all.

Despite the cold, we had a great time. It's pleasing to me that hitting the range is enough to get a college kid, home on break, out of bed early on a cold Saturday morning. Arriving home, Colleen treated us all to a big omelet and bacon breakfast. I also enjoyed a couple mugs of hot coffee while we planned our next outing to the range.

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