Monday, November 26, 2007

Sam Adams Glasses

I may be the last person on earth to do so, but I finally acquired a set of the new Samuel Adams Boston Lager Glasses from the Boston Beer Company. These glass were first made available back in March. All the design features of the new glasses can be read about in the What's on Tap newsletter for March. I've posted the key points claimed here.

Bead inside top rim - small ridge creates turbulence to increase CO2 and aroma release as beer enters palate
Lip of the Glass - places the beer on the front of the tongue where sweetness is tasted
Narrowness - enhances hop aroma by concentrating the head
Round Shape - greater volume to surface ratio maintains temperature longer
Narrow grip - reduces the beer's exposure to heat from the hand
Nucleation site - increases hop aroma release

The glasses are available at the Samuel Adams E-store for $30 for a set of 4. I have to wonder how many glasses Boston Beer has actually sold at full price. This Summer the company generously gave a pair of free glasses to the founding subscribers of BeerAdvocate Magazine. Free glasses were also sent to members of the American Homebrew Association. In June, the company sponsored a contest to win 2 free glasses. Folks who didn't win received a coupon for 50% off a set of 4. According to email I received from Boston Beer, over 9,000 people entered the contest. I received my coupon last week and ordered a set which arrived today. With all the giveaways, Boston Beer sure made an all-out promotional campaign. These glasses were designed specifically for Boston Lager, though from the reviews I've read, many folks state that these glasses enhance other beers as well. I do believe that the right glass will enhance a beer's enjoyment. Sometime I'll need to sit down and actually do a side-by-side comparison to see what difference these glasses make. In any event, these are nice looking glasses and one can never have too much glassware on hand.

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  1. lucky you, you had a coupon. My husband just asked me for these glasses for his birthday and I may be one that has to pay the full price for them. Unless you know of someplace to get a coupon??


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