Friday, January 11, 2008

Capital Ale House, Fredericksburg, VA

I just saw this posted at

Just want to let you know we have just signed a lease for a space in the Historic Distric of Fredericksburg, Va. It's an 11,000 square foot space at 917 East Caroline Street. The space resembles the Downtown Richmond location in that its 25' wide by 267' long.

Most of the building is pre-civil war and plans are to renovate it to the look and feel of our other locations, add 75 taps, 250+ in the bottle and we're planning on a 300 square foot temperature controlled beer cellar under the bar.

Hope to see everyone there for a beer later this year.

I know everyone's at the "we'll believe it when we see it" stage with the Midlothian location, but the signs are on the building there and things are starting to roll. It will be open soon.



Capital Ale House has two locations currently in the Richmond area with a third scheduled to open soon. This new, fourth, venue in Fredericksburg would be a significant addition to the craft beer scene in this area. The two current Capital Ale Houses have been rated among the top beer bars in America by BeerAdvocate. I'll post more information on the Fredericksburg opening as it becomes available.

Update, Jan 12: The Free Lance-Star has an article in today's Business section about the new restaurant. The author incorrectly calls Capital Ale House a "brew pub".

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  1. See, things are looking better and better for you Fredericksburgers all the time. Capital Ale House is a godsend for us here, so I'm sure it'll be a huge success up there. Cheers!

  2. I too think they will do well here. There's quite a bit of excitement around here about this news. Will be watching the progress closely.

  3. Matt,
    As a Caroline Street business owner and avid beer drinker I look forward to your opening. I have to admit the reason that I found your blog was due to blowing my top after seeing the newspaper article about the city giving you tax credits. Anyway good luck and I'll see you for a beer someday. Dave Gran

  4. Dave,

    Glad you're looking forward to CAH coming to Fredericksburg. I do think the headline in today's paper "City giving $100K to Capital Ale House" is somewhat misleading.

    Please note that this blogger is independent and not connected with Capital Ale House. Matt is the the CAH President who was quoted in the post.


  5. We made our first trip to the Capital Ale House last night, and it was a memorable experience!! We're fairly jaded DC'ers, having had many beers at RFD's and the Brickskeller, but the Ale House was a very pleasant surprise! Thank you for bringing it to Fredericksburg!


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