Saturday, January 12, 2008

Virginia Brewing Company Update

I posted recently on progress being made at the new Virginia Brewing Company in Winchester. Today I received an update from owner Jim Justice that highlighted some recent developments:
We have identified our head brewer and will soon be able to announce who it is. A local guy who has worked a big regional Boston brewery the last several years. We are awaiting arrival of two 40 bbl fermenters and once we get them in the house and stood upright we can start to button up the brewery and finalize permits. Labor of love ;-)

We are trying to get permitted and operational with the brewery by end of April to launch for the Apple Blossom festival here. We hope to add "Beer" to the event..a big deal here locally. We may go ahead and conduct an invitational beer festival and bring in other breweries....this idea is getting tossed around here at the moment. If we go for it, marketing for that will begin very soon.

From the sound of it, Jim and company are in for a busy few months. I wish them success as they work towards the long-waited opening. I certainly like the idea of another area beer festival!

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