Sunday, May 11, 2008

Birth of a (Clipper City) Cask

Thomas Cizauskas, in his blog Yours for Good Fermentables has posted a photo-journal detailing what goes on behind the scenes in preparing a firkin of fresh Clipper City ale. As a fan of the Clipper City Heavy Seas line, I found it quite interesting. I've enjoyed fresh casks of Clipper City beers on several occasions and had admittedly not given much though to the work that goes on to prepare these special treats. Starting with cleaning the casks, to measuring the hops for the hopsack, to purging the air from the cask, to priming with the krausen, to filling the keg, it's an involved and detailed process.

See Casking at Clipper City for a new appreciation for what goes on before you enjoy that fresh cask at a Clipper City dinner or tour.

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