Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fire at F.X. Matt Brewery

WKTV-Utica is reporting on a major fire at the historic F.X. Matt Brewery in Utica, N.Y. Matt Brewing is best known for their Saranac beers. They also contract brew for a number of other breweries, including Sam Adams and Brooklyn. The fire is ongoing as I write this post. The TV station is reporting that the fire began in the canning/bottling area on the third floor. Reports say there are major cracks visible in the walls of the burning building. All streets within a six-block radius have been closed. The Saranac Thursday community event was shutdown and the brewery evacuated around 5:30 PM EST.

Our prayers go out to the owners, employees, and area residents, as well as the emergency personnel who are battling the blaze. Let's hope that everyone is safe. I'll post updates as more news becomes available.

May 30:
After 13 hours firefighters are still putting out hot spots. The roof, and 4th and 3rd floors of the building have collapsed. This building apparently housed the packaging line and is a total loss. Firefighters hope to pull the building down before it collapses further.
May 31: Brewery inferno's toll: $10M
June 6: F.X. Matt resumes production
June 13: F.X. Matt to resume bottling by June 30

"We will rebuild. We've been in business 120 years. We went through prohibition when we couldn't produce beer...and we will be a force to be reckoned with as we go forward."
-- Fred Matt, vice-president of the brewery

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