Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another beer fest in the works for Virginia - Updated

From the DC-Beer mailing list comes word of another beer festival being organized in Virginia. Jason Oliver sent word to Gregg Wiggins, who in turn shared with the list:
Nelson County is having their first Spirit of Red, White, & Brew Festival Saturday August 30th. It will be a small wine / beer/ music festival hosted at our village of Glen Mary. While DBBC will not be up and running I will be doing brewery tours at that time. The single malt distillery who will be building in Nelson may have a booth with his Eades Double Malt depending on the VABC. This is the first of what will be an annual festival celebrating the spirit, beer, wine, and local bounty of Nelson County. As of now I want to invite Starr Hill and Blue Mountain. I will have to check to see if I can get other breweries, and if so I would love to have South Street, Cally's, and the new breweries in Floyd and Winchester.

As you'll remember, Jason recently left Gordon Biersch to move to Nelson County to open the The Devils Backbone Brewery & Pub. Jason is wasting no time in sharing his love of beer with his new neighbors. No details on the festival plans to be found online yet, but we'll certainly be watching for more news as the date gets closer.

Update from Jason: The festival has been pushed back to November. This change is to avoid a conflict with the Wintergreen Winery festival Labor Day weekend, and to give time to recruit more Virginia breweries to participate. Jason has some great ideas on making the festival work for both Virginia breweries AND wineries. Most importantly, the Devils Backbone Brewery & Pub is planned to be open at that time and it will be a great kick off.

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