Thursday, July 3, 2008

Saranac Brewing Company Recovery Continues

After the major fire at the brewery in May, the Saranac Brewing Company is well on the path to recovery. In an email update they send this word:
We're Back!

We are proud to say that our bottling operations resumed as of 6 a.m., Monday morning (June 30th).
A successful test run of Saranac Pale Ale was completed this past weekend and we are back bottling again! We thank you all for your support over the last month following the devastating fire of May 29th.

"We are really pleased to be back and running, and we will be in stores for the Fourth," says our President, Nick Matt.

Our canning operations are currently being outsourced, but as we rebuild, we hope to have this back under our roof soon. We are also pleased to announce that beer prices haven't risen at all, and they will not rise, as a result of the fire.

Their fast actions to get up and running so quickly serves to illustrate good ol' American resolve and determination. That they are putting new product in stores in time for America's birthday celebration is fitting of this American institution.

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