Thursday, July 3, 2008

Beer Celebs' Favorite Drinks is running a special report entitled The Drink. In a piece they call "A Drink With..." various food and beverage celebrities are asked to identify their favorite alcoholic drink and watering hole. Of local interest is Geoff Lively, brewmaster at the Bethesda, MD Rock Bottom. Says Jeff,
My favorite alcoholic drink is the drink in my hand. If I am having medium-rare beef tenderloin for dinner, it would probably be a nice rich cabernet from the Napa Valley. If I am on the beach in San Diego, it would probably be a margarita. The usual beverage of choice, though, is beer. Beer can be the quaff of choice for any occasion; with a meal, on the beach, at a sporting event, at a concert or just hanging out with friends. It is the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world--and by me.

A number of folks involved in craft beer are featured. Interviewees include Dan Carey, co-owner and brewmaster at New Glarus Brewing, Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver, Rob Tod of Allagash Brewing, and Jim Koch, chairman and founder of the Boston Beer Company. This is an interesting look into the preferred drinks of the folks who bring us some of our own favorite drinks. Also featured is W. Leo Kiely III, chief executive officer of Molson Coors Brewing (now MillerCoors).

Other "beer people" include Christina Perozzi of the blog Beer for Chicks and Bob Skilnik, author of "Beer & Food: An American History". Famous "foodies" such as Iron Chef Mario Batali, Anthony Bourdain, and Jamie Oliver are also listed. You can check the responses from these folks and more at

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