Monday, December 8, 2008

"Beer and Cheese" Gets Some Love

A wise friend recently opined that "most any beer pairs well with most any cheese." That's a statement that I agree with wholeheartedly and frequently put into practice. Even though "wine and cheese" gets all the publicity, that pairing often fails in practice. A new web site from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board helps to promote "beer and cheese." Wisconsin Cheese Cupid blends Flash animation and a sultry-voiced narrator to suggest cheese pairings for a number of different beer styles. Being Wisconsin-based, the site does focus on cheese produced in that state. Cheeses to pair with wines and spirits are also suggested. Still, it's a fun site that just might tempt the wine drinker to try something new.

Visit Cheese Cupid.


  1. A buddy of mine brought me a Gueze from Belgium....not good in my opinion. Way too sour for me. He said do you have a sharp cheddar. It goes great with a sharp cheddar. Unfortunatly, it was then just tart beer and good cheese.

  2. I'm quite a fan of Gueze, although I only learned how to pronounce it correctly from a Dutchman last week. It involves a lot of phlegm.

    I'm also a big fan of the beer and cheese combos, but some cheeses definitely go better with some beers. Strong, salty mature chedders or gouda with a good strong or hoppy ale or dark beer would be my favorite. I like things simple :)

  3. One pairing I find very good is a barleywine (preferably British) with strong blue cheese, because the sweetness of the beer and the saltiness of the cheese work really well.

    I also like pairing soft, creamy cheeses (as long as they are not too pungent) with Belgian ales, especially Saisons.


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