Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shooting Creek Brewery Blog and News

We've been following the progress of Shooting Creek Farm Brewery for a while now. I am happy to report that they are finally in the production phase, and the first batches of the brewery's Buffalo Brown and Rebel Ale have been sent to the distributor. The beer will be available on draft in the Blacksburg area very soon, if it has not started showing up already. Bottled beers should be on shelves soon too.

We won't see Shooting Creek beers around here yet, so I'm looking for reports from you Floyd County folks. Let us know where you find the beer. Hopefully I'll be able to track some down this Summer and try it out for myself.

Shooting Creek manager Jason Anderson has started a blog to let folks know what's going on at the brewery. Visit pint sized ambitions to find out what the Shooting Creek team is up to.

Congratulations to Jason and Brett on reaching this milestone.

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  1. The brown, red and rebel ale have already been seen or are about to hit Vintage Cellar. They say they will eventually have a full supply of the entire lineup. About 48 hours after that time a UPS driver will be coming to my door.


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