Friday, August 14, 2009

Beer Pioneers - The Documentary

The craft beer revolution started in the 1970's. And for the last 15 years Jay Sheveck has been interviewing and filming the pioneers of the craft beer world. In Summer of 2010 he intends to release the full-length documentary Beer Pioneers: The Craft Brewing Revolution. Using interviews and archival photos of early breweries, Sheveck will trace the history of craft brewing in America. The list of interviews includes Herbert "Bert" Grant, Charlie Papazian, Jim Koch, James D. Robertson, Frederick "Fritz" Maytag III, Thomas Dalldorf, Bill Yenne, Dan Gordon, Dean Biersch, Bill Owens, Donald Barkley, Jack McAuliffe, Steve Harrison, Ken Grossman, Rob Widmer, Kurt Widmer, Charles Finkel, William Newman, David Geary, Ed Stebbins, Steve Mason, Maurice Coja, Richard Yuengling Jr., David Heidrich, Alan Sprints, Fred Eckhardt, Michael Jackson, Don Younger, Vinnie Cilurzo, Denise Jones, Brendan Moylan, Jay R. Brooks, Greg Koch and more.

I don't recognize all of the names listed above, but I know enough of them to be excited about seeing this film. Visit the Beer Pioneers website to view a teaser for the film.

Jay Sheveck also has a blog where he posts updates and photos from his project.

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