Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beers of the Blue Ridge

The September/October issue of Blue Ridge Country Magazine has a feature entitled Beers of the Blue Ridge. Author Joe Tennis reports on the growing craft beer community in the Blue Ridge Mountains region. Blue Mountain, Starr Hill, Bull & Bones, and Devils Backbone breweries in Virginia are featured. Highland Brewery in Ashville, NC is among other familiar breweries mentioned in the article.

The article is not available online, so you'll have to track down the magazine to read it. The article does give a nice introduction to the region's craft beer industry. I talk to many people who are unaware of how many great breweries exist in Virginia. So anything that introduces more folks to these beers is certainly a good thing.

The Blue Ridge Country Magazine website is here. They also have posted an online guide to Blue Ridge Spirits.

Update, August 30: The Beers of the Blue Ridge article is now online here.


  1. I really hope they're not mentioning just Highland without highlighting the rest of the Asheville beer scene, which really deserves a feature length article of their own. If they pay my expenses I'd be glad to write it for them ;)

  2. The article is about the Blue Ridge region, which covers several states. Actually, Virginia gets most of the highlighting. :-)

    BTW, I was informed the article will be online soon. I'll post that link when I comes up.


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