Monday, February 21, 2011

Carl's Is Open!

For anyone familiar with the Fredericksburg area that's all the story that needs to be told. But here's a little more for the rest of you.

Carl's Ice Cream has been a Fredericksburg tradition since 1947. The shop on Princees Anne Street closes during the winter, and ice cream fans in the area anxiously await the Friday of Presidents Day weekend, when the shop opens for the season. The line at the window will be nearly non-stop until they close on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Many times during my early years in Fredericksburg I refused to miss enjoying Carl's on closing and opening days. My schedule is a little more full these days, but I still look forward to enjoying a Carl's ice cream, no matter the temperature in February. In fact, this year's first visit was scheduled with a friend several weeks in advance.

Carl's sells three flavors of ice cream, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry (Are there others?) Most often I choose a chocolate malt. At Carl's the malt addition is generously served, so it's a treat. However, my opening salvo this year was another favorite, a Hot Fudge Maple Nut Sundae.

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  1. All these bloggers and their food posts! YIKES! Food Porn!
    (I love it)


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