Friday, March 9, 2012

AK-47 USB Drive

Last month we looked at a razor blade shaped bottle opener. Now here's something that is sure to get the hoplophobes worked up. The folks at have a USB flash drive shaped like a AK-47 "assault rifle!"

Of course, to anyone with a modicum of common sense would realize this is not a weapon. In other words kids, don't take it to school with you.


  1. Note to self: practice "Speed reloads" on laptop...

  2. Actually, don't take it to the airport. That kinda thing ends up in my computer bag and if there were anything of value on the drive, it would be gone the moment I try to board a plane. Stupid TSA.

    1. You're probably right Andy. Like the school example referenced in the link, the TSA subscribes to the "won't don't want our employees to think" rule.


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