Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stonewall Stout for St. Paddy's Day

As anticipated, yesterday's festivities made for a long, but fun day. After walking with the school group in the parade, it was finally time to enjoy some Blue & Gray Stonewall Stout. Although I lean towards the Falmouth Pale Ale as my "go to" beer at the brewery, each time I have this stout I'm reminded just how good this year-round Blue & Gray staple is.

Stonewall Stout pours as black as the night, with a short-lived beige head. The aroma gives off mild roasted notes. The flavor a mix of dark roasted espresso and bitter chocolate, with some bitter hop notes lingering in the finish. Despite the near 80° temps and bright sun, this dark beer was an enjoyable afternoon treat.

The unseasonably warm weather was an unusual treat in itself. So often the day of this annual celebration turns out to be cold and wet, and not exactly pleasant weather to be celebrating outside. However St. Patrick smiled on us this day, and the weather was great. The Spring-like weather brought out an extra large crowd for the parade, and for the festivities that followed. The large turnout made for some long food and beer lines, but even while waiting everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Once we had our food and beer in hand we settled down to enjoy the company of good friends and the great weather.

Oh, and the Irish Coffee that Colleen made for dessert that evening was the perfect cap to the day.


  1. Oh, that looks fantastic. It's such a great time to be a beer lover. By the way, there was something at my door today. Thanks!


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