Sunday, December 9, 2012

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities

Flying Dog Brewery send along this press release (which got buried in my inbox) announcing the schedule for some special beers for 2013.

Flying Dog Brewery Announces 2013 Brewhouse Rarities Series

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, November 28, 2012

Frederick, MD – On the heels of releasing 40 different beers in 2012, today Flying Dog Brewery announced its 2013 Brewhouse Rarities – a series of innovative, small-batch beers available in the mid-Atlantic only.

“The only criteria that apply to our Brewhouse Rarities is that they are interesting and unusual,” Brewmaster Matt Brophy said. “It has to be something that we are intrigued by and dying to try.”

To determine the twelve releases each year, teams of Flying Dog employees develop recipes and pitch their styles to their fellow peers.

“All areas of the brewery – from our brewhouse to packaging and sales to accounting – are involved in these Brewhouse Rarities pitches,” Brophy said. “It’s important for us to look to everyone at Flying Dog for inspiration on styles that will continue to push not only Flying Dog, but also the craft beer industry as a whole.”

The 2013 Brewhouse Rarities include:
·      Chipotle Dark Ale: January
·      Green Tea Imperial Stout: February
·      Pumpernickel IPA: March
·      Big Black Wit: April
·      Easy IPA: May
·      Pineapple Saison: June
·      Belgian Devil: July
·      Roggen: August
·      Vineyard Blonde (brewed with local Vidal Blanc grapes): September
·      Orchard Ale (brewed with local apples): October
·      Cinnamon Porter: December

Since both the Vineyard Blonde and Orchard Ale are agriculturally dependent, the November release was intentionally left open.

All of the releases will be in draft only, with the exception of the Green Tea Imperial Stout, Belgian Devil, and Cinnamon Porter. Those will be packaged in both draft and 750 ml bottles.

In Flying Dog fashion, the brewery continues to push the envelop, and does so to create good beer, and not merely for shock factor as some brewers are wont to do. Admittedly, Pineapple Saison doesn't tempt me as much as Chipotle Dark Ale or Pumpernickel IPA, but I'm looking forward to trying these out if I get the chance.

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