Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jack Daniel's Operation Ride Home

I posted about Jack Daniel's support of our troops previously. I received an email recently letting me know the distiller is again supporting our Armed Forces through Operation Ride Home.
What: Today, Jack Daniel and the Armed Services YMCA  launched the annual “Operation Ride Home” program to help junior enlisted soldiers and their families travel home this holiday season. The Jack Daniel Distillery will donate more than $100,000 – and asks consumers to contribute as well – to fund travel vouchers for plane tickets, pre-paid debit cards and other means of assistance.

Who: The National Armed Services YMCA of the USA will utilize their vast network and work with military commands around the country and every branch of service to identify junior enlisted service members and families who would benefit from travel assistance.

Calls to Action:
- If you or someone you know qualify as junior enlisted military and could benefit from Operation Ride Home, see your local chapter of the Armed Services YMCA.
- Members of the armed services and civilians alike can help soldiers and their families experience the holidays at home by donating here:
If know someone who needs help, or want to help, please follow the link above for more information or to support Operation Ride Home.

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