Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Senile Joe Biden

If he was just some unknown bumbling fool, Biden's moronic ramblings might be amusing. But this bumbling fool is the Vice President of the United States for crying out loud. His "self defense" advice is if unknown persons are breaking into your house, you should fire off two indiscriminate blasts from your shotgun into the air outside your home. Never mind you didn't know who or what the threat may have been, now that your gun is empty you'll be safe he claims.

Apparently, it wasn't enough for the Obama administration to sell guns illegally to Mexican drug dealers, they have now taken to encouraging private citizens to break gun laws. It should not be surprising that Joe's advice would be blatantly illegal to follow, in his home state as well as just about anywhere else in the country. But then again, the leftists in the current administration have never been concerned with the law, placing themselves above the rules that bind the rest of us. If some innocent person on the street was injured by Jill Biden's blast, I seriously doubt she would be held responsible.

Someone should probably do a psychiatric evaluation before the Bidens are allowed to own guns.

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